Playground Grass Mats

A playground in a grassy garden or field is a lovely environment to play. However, grass can be prone to wearing down through overuse and churning up in wet weather. It can become uneven, which makes it a trip hazard for children and difficult for people in wheelchairs to access safely. Grass alone also doesn’t provide a safe surface to land on when using climbing frames and other play equipment.

Grass mats solve all of these problems, while still enabling a natural-looking play area that all children can safely enjoy. Made from durable rubber, grass mats are a great choice of safety surface for your playground.

When to use grass mats

Grass mats allow grass to grow through and can be mown straight over, meaning the aesthetic look of your playground won’t be affected. Grass mats are impacting-absorbing, hard-wearing, and wheelchair friendly as long as they’re maintained properly. 

Grass mats provide a safety surface for play equipment with a Critical Fall Height (CFH) of up to 2.25 metres, giving you lots of flexibility to install a variety of play equipment.

All of these qualities make them ideal for heavy footfall areas such as schools and public parks where you wish to retain natural grass as a feature of the area.

Installing grass mats

Grass mats can be laid directly on top of existing grass, turf or soil. We would first want to make sure that the ground is even, using topsoil to even out any gaps and compacting the earth to get everything nice and level.

When laid onto soil, the area will be grass-seeded and watered to encourage and accelerate grass growth. Additional options would be additional topsoil or laid turf. 

All our installations of grass mats comply with BSEN1177 standards, laid and cut to shape on-site by our fully qualified, enhanced DBS-checked installation team.


It is possible for lawnmowers to pass directly over the grass mats without causing damage, meaning that maintaining a play surface with grass mats is as easy looking after turf or grass. Grass mats have a 2-year guarantee period. 

To ensure the ongoing safety of your playground, all equipment and surfacing requires an annual inspection, carried out by an RPII Certified Annual Inspector, as well as regular operational inspections. Learn more about our inspection and maintenance services.

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