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Playground Surfacing

EPDM Rubber 'Wetpour'

It’s important to ensure that all play areas containing pieces of play equipment where climbing is involved have some form of ‘soft landing zone’ in place. Playscape playgrounds offers a variety of surfacing solutions and can advise you in relation to your school’s individual needs.

What is EPDM Rubber Wetpour?

EPDM Rubber ‘Wetpour’ playground surfacing can be utilised to create colourful and imaginative designs on your playground surface. The surface comprises of of a spongy and smooth impact absorbing rubber which is often described as resembling “squashy rubber tarmac”. Multiple colours can be used in an area creating attractive effects and even incorporating logo’s, patterns & shapes. Applications EPDM Rubber Wetpour is a hard-wearing surface designed for use in heavy footfall traffic areas and is ideal for schools, public parks and other public areas.


Single or multi-coloured ‘Wetpour’ surfaces are often specified for visual effect, however EPDM Rubber wetpour is primarily a safety surface that has been designed to minimise the risks of injury as a result of a fall from play equipment. Wetpour is an impact attenuating surface, offering cushioning on impact, resistance to abrasion, slipping and ignition. EPDM Rubber Wetpour can be laid in varying thicknesses dependant on the Critical Fall Height (CFH) of the apparatus, this ranges from 20mm thickness (applicable to 0.7m critical fall height) to 130mm thickness (applicable to 3.0m critical fall height). All installations of EPDM Rubber Wetpour as a safety surface are compliant with BS EN1177 standards.


Wetpour can be laid directly onto tarmac or concrete and even on top of previously installed safety surfaces (condition dependant). Alternatively, wetpour can be laid onto an engineered MOT sub-base. EPDM Rubber Wetpour is mixed and laid on-site by full qualified, enhanced DBS checked installation teams.

Focus Points:

  • Aesthetically pleasing and uplifting to play areas
  • Ensures safety for any accidental slips or falls from equipment
  • Low maintenance
  • Slip resistance properties
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easily repaired should the need arise

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