Playground Rubber Mulch

Playground rubber mulch combines some of the best features of the various playground surfaces we offer; it resembles the natural, attractive appearance of woodchip while being as durable and impact-absorbing as EDPM rubber wetpour. Better still, it’s more cost-effective than wetpour without sacrificing on quality or safety.

Is rubber mulch good for playgrounds?

Bonded rubber mulch is a hard-wearing, water-permeable surface designed for use in heavy footfall areas and is ideal for school playgrounds, parks and other public play areas.

We are often asked to combine different colours of rubber mulch to create attractive effects and patterns, however, bonded rubber mulch is primarily a safety surface that has been designed to minimise the risks of injury as a result of a fall from play equipment. It’s also resistant to abrasion, slipping and ignition.

Its smooth surface, anti-slip and water-permeable properties also make bonded mulch a wheelchair-friendly option.

In summary, playground rubber mulch an ideal choice for:

  • Heavy footfall areas, such as public parks and school playgrounds
  • Playground projects with a restricted budget or turnaround time; bonded mulch is cost-effective and can often be laid on top of existing surfaces
  • Accessible and inclusive play areas

How to install bonded rubber mulch

Bonded rubber mulch can be laid directly onto grass, soil, tarmac, concrete and even on top of previously installed safety surfaces, if they’re in good condition. This removes the need for costly groundworks or an engineered sub-base, however if preferred, rubber mulch can be laid onto an engineered MOT sub-base to achieve premium results.

It can be laid in varying thicknesses, depending on the Critical Fall Height (CFH) of the apparatus in your playground. This ranges from 20mm thickness (applicable to 0.7m critical fall height) to 130mm thickness (applicable to 3.0m critical fall height). We can calculate the required thickness and therefore how much rubber mulch your project will need – get in touch with us if you’re unsure.

All our installations of rubber mulch as a safety surface comply with BSEN1177 standards, and are mixed and laid on-site by our fully qualified, enhanced DBS-checked installation team.


Rubber mulch is relatively easy to maintain; semi-regular brushing and jetwashing will help maximise its longevity. Frequent monitoring is advised to check for loose bits of rubber, which will need to be removed/repaired.

To ensure the ongoing safety of your playground, all equipment and surfacing requires an annual inspection, carried out by an RPII Certified Annual Inspector, as well as regular operational inspections.
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The cost of surfacing your playground will depend on the surface area and the required depth to accommodate the critical fall height (CFH) of the play equipment in use. Contact us for a calculation for your specific project.

Rubber mulch is generally safe for dogs as it is a non-hazardous substance in its cured condition. As with any surface or non-edible material, we’d advise not letting your dog ingest it. It’s also advised not to let your dog walk on surfaces that can become warm in direct sunlight or extremely hot weather.

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