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Playground Surfacing

Artificial Grass

It’s important to ensure that all play areas containing pieces of play equipment where climbing is involved have some form of ‘soft landing zone’ in place. Playscape playgrounds offers a variety of surfacing solutions and can advise you in relation to your school’s individual needs.

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

Running and playing on grass is as classic as playtime itself; however, underneath grass is soil and when soil becomes wet, it turns to mud. This presents a problem when you combine countless running and jumping feet and a typical British climate resulting in grass areas needing time to repair and potentially becoming a seasonal option for playtime. Artificial grass offers a play area options that enable year-round and mud-free playtime. Artificial grass comes in a variety of colours which can be installed together to create attractive effects, shapes and patterns. Combine these benefits with low maintenance and remove the need to mow or maintain your play area and artificial grass very quickly becomes an obvious solution whilst maintaining the traditional look of your surfaced area.


Artificial grass is a hard-wearing surface designed for use in heavy footfall traffic areas and is ideal for schools, public parks and other public areas for applications as a safety surface (with safety ‘shock-pad’ underlay) or as a presentable, all-year-round, maintenance free option.


Artificial grass maintains the classic aesthetic of a play area but on its own does not provide any safety features; however, combined with a shock pad underlay, artificial grass can serve both requirements. Shock pad underlay is installed to minimise the risks of injury as a result of a fall from play equipment. Shock pad underlay is available in a variety of thicknesses which are compatible with Critical Fall Heights (CFH) of all play equipment. All installations of artificial grass as a safety surface are compliant with BS EN1177 standards.


Artificial grass can be laid directly onto tarmac, concrete and even on top of previously installed safety surfaces (condition dependant). When installing onto an area consisting of natural grass and soil, an engineered sub-base is required. Artificial grass is laid and cut to shape on-site by full qualified, enhanced DBS checked installation teams.

Focus Points:

  • Aesthetically pleasing and uplifting to play areas
  • Natural appearance (simulates real grass)
  • Low maintenance – no mowing or feeding required
  • Year round, mud-free access to artificial grass surfaced areas
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Provides safety for any accidental slips or falls from equipment (when used with shock pad underlay)

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