St Matthews Primary School: successful resurfacing and climbing stack installation

Children at this quintessential village school, near Newark, gave three cheers for their timber climbing frame. The climbing stack was commissioned by the head teacher of the school so that pupils could not only run, but also clamber and climb freely, within the large school grounds. 

St Matthews Primary School Playground


Scaling new heights of play

The brief was far from simple – it must have inclusive elements, a range of textures and colours, an area designated It didn’t take long for our team to discover that climbing equipment was the number one priority at this primary school playground project. The school certainly had plenty of available space earmarked to house a climbing frame… but what they really needed was our expert help with surface maintenance, creative inspiration and a little guidance. 


Playground excellence from the ground up

But first things first… We recommended that the school’s worn and broken playground surface be replaced with something much safer and brighter. Our solution was to cover up the existing surface with rubber wet pour, before laying a carpet of artificial grass. This pragmatic approach saved the school money (on the removal and disposal of old materials)  and it would add a layer of extra cushioning below the grass. A complete win-win solution. Our large timber climbing stack was designed to sit proudly on top of these surface materials. To help the climbing stack last and last, we suggested the use of steel feet. 

  • Steel feet fixtures can help to extend the life of timber play equipment 
  • These feet shield the wooden legs from harm in damp and muddy spaces, and protect the timber from damage caused by mowers and strimmers 


Climbing meets clean lines

We enjoyed creating this foundation from the bones of the old playground surface. With the surface in place we were able to lay vibrant artificial grass. This grass wraps around the school building on two sides, brightening everything up significantly. The space is an inviting, clean and tidy outdoor resource with a climbing stack as its centrepiece. 

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