Playground Maintenance & Repairs

Keep your playground safe for children to enjoy, for years to come.

Playscape assists playground operators across the UK with routine maintenance and repair, to maximise the life of the play area and to ensure equipment and surfacing remains safe and compliant for as long as possible.

Playground Maintenance

If you’re the owner or operator of a play area, it is essential for you to ensure that appropriate inspections and maintenance are scheduled, implemented and recorded. This gives everybody visibility and peace of mind as to the safety of the play area and allows you to address any maintenance issues before they become bigger problems in need of repair. Our inspection and maintenance services include the playgrounds’ surfacing as well as the equipment installed, ensuring an holistic approach to playground safety.

Playground Inspections

Playscape is RPII-certified (Register of Play Inspectors International) to carry out operational outdoor playground inspections.

Playscape designs, installs, inspects, maintains and repairs playgrounds across the UK. As such we are well-placed to advise on the safety and longevity of your playground, and are familiar with how popular playground equipment is impacted by wear and tear from regular use.

Our operational inspectors are fully trained in repairs and maintenance, meaning that minor issues can be identified and resolved during these inspections. We follow up each inspection with a report, which shares any suggested next steps and serves as evidence that you are taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your playground.

How often should playground equipment be inspected?

All playgrounds should have a minimum of an annual inspection, carried out by an RPII Certified Annual Inspector.

In addition, regular operational inspections should also be scheduled – these may be needed monthly or quarterly depending on local conditions, the manufacturers’ guidance, footfall, and other factors.

Get in touch with the Playscape team and we can advise how often operational inspections should be carried out for your specific playground.

Playground Repair

Has a recent playground inspection flagged a need for a repair, or perhaps you’ve become aware of some broken equipment that you need fixing urgently?

If you’ve noticed something in your playground that is in need of repair

  1. You should restrict access to the damaged equipment/surface and surrounding areas.

  2. Contact a specialist such as Playscape – we will ask for photos and a description of the damage.

  3. Playscape will then provide an accurate quote and estimated lead time for repair.

Playground Equipment Repair

Playscape Playgrounds can repair or replace any broken play equipment or components such as timbers, ropes, HDPE panels, fixings and mechanisms.

HDPE / HPL Replacements

Utilising our in-house CNC machine, HDPE and HPL play panels can be easily replaced to the exact specification of your original panel, or should the requirement arise for a replacement, we can offer a new alternative to your original play panel that matches the original fixing points.

Rope Repair / Replacement

Using our in-house rope press, replacement rope parts can be manufactured and installed in a timely manner. Whether this be an installation by one of our teams or a simple replacement-by-post service, Playscape Playgrounds can replicate your damaged rope or rope net to the exact specifications of the original. Why not let our in-house play equipment manufacturing team repair your rope at a fraction of the cost of a complete unit?

Playground Resurfacing

We are also able to repair safety play surfacing, damaged artificial grass, tarmac and concrete, or advise on an alternative surface better suited to the area.


Repainting and treating play equipment


Repairing older playground equipment

Refurbish play equipment with rope repairs.

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