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Playground Maintenance & Repairs

Maximising the life of your play equipment

Playground Maintenance & Repairs can be a cost effective way of extending the life of your playground. There may not be a need for a whole new piece of play equipment if we can repair a unit or replace individual components.

Playscape Playgrounds can repair or replace any broken play equipment or components such as timbers, ropes, HDPE panels, fixings and mechanisms. We are also able to repair safety play surfacing, damaged artificial grass, tarmac and concrete.


Rope Repair / Replacement

Using our in-house rope press, replacement rope parts can be manufactured and installed in a timely manner. Whether this be an installation by one of our teams or a simple replacement-by-post service, Playscape Playgrounds can replicate your damaged rope or rope net to the exact specifications of the original.

Why not let our in-house play equipment manufacturing team repair your rope at a fraction of the cost of a complete unit?

HDPE / HPL Replacements

Utilising our in-house CNC machine, HDPE and HPL play panels can be easily replaced to the exact specification of your original panel, or should the requirement arise for a replacement, we can offer a new alternative to your original play panel that matches the original fixing points.

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