New trim trail installed in Hardwick Close Council playground Oakham

Rutland County Council invited the Playscape playgrounds team to transform this little corner of Rutland. Our experts dived straight into the project, and after just three days proudly unveiled a stimulating play area where local children could develop their climbing and balancing skills in an inviting environment. The main attraction in Hardwick Close playground? A modern, high-quality timber trim trail for all to enjoy.

Hardwick Close Council playground Oakham


New clamber stack at Warmington Fun Field.

Great things come in small packages

The brief was far from simple – it must have inclusive elements, a range of textures and colours, an area designated The county council had reached out to us in search of the perfect piece of play equipment for a compact space. This was a classic playground design conundrum – an age-appropriate and aesthetically-pleasing playground, combining long-lasting quality with fantastic value for money. Just how would we maximise this small and grassy residential location? We knew the space was short on features, but it was packed with potential. 


Hit the timber trim trail 

As we searched for ways to add new dimensions of play to this grassy space, all signs pointed to a timber trim trail. Perfect for balancing, traversing and clambering, a trim trail could wind through the play area. The trail we put forward had a contemporary timber construction, accessorised with vibrant teal ropes, which was equally colourful and charming. 

We champion the installation of versatile, wooden trim trails because they blend seamlessly into their settings. They offer valuable play opportunities in one classic piece of equipment and can be enjoyed all year long. A surface of grass matting was laid beneath the trim trail, which will disappear from view as soon as the real grass surface grows up through the gaps. 

  • Wooden trim trails (or timber fitness trails) are a timeless design 
  • Trim trails encourage outdoor play and dexterous movement in one seamless piece of kit
  • Fitness trails are a budget-friendly focal point for compact playgrounds


Made to last and beloved by children 

Local families and our client, Rutland County Council, were delighted with their new playground. The timber trim trail is already offering hours of open-air play for local children, and will be beloved for years to come.

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