New rope climbing frame and grass mat base installed at Ashfield Council playground

We dug deep for three wet and windy weeks in January to complete this major playground project for Ashfield District Council. Ranking as one of our proudest recycling and reinstallation successes, this job involved an inch-perfect reassembly of an enormous timber space net climbing frame. A public playground, picked up and moved? We couldn’t wait to get our hands and measuring tapes on this project.

Ashfield District Council Playground


Expert help needed to put the pieces back together

The local council had sent us a fantastic request. The time had come for them to rehome an extensive playground, featuring large timber play equipment, from one side of a vast public park to another. We were needed to carefully dismantle, transport and piece together this complicated equipment, while simultaneously tidying up the empty space ready for the next chapter in its life.


Obsessed with tape measures and rope tension 

Children’s swings, roundabouts and climbing frames needed to be extracted and repositioned with tender loving care into their new home. Achieving this goal would involve hours of intelligent, precision measuring, along with the uprooting and anchoring of multiple timber poles. All of our efforts would be rewarded with a fully-functional space net climbing frame, restored to its former glory. And of course, we would lay a fresh and clean playground surface, including practical black rubber grass mats.  

  • Robust rubber grass mats are commonly used in high-traffic areas of playgrounds
  • Placed at the ends of slides, under climbing frames and swing sets, they offer an extra layer of safety
  • In time, grass grows through and over these rubber mats, concealing the material from view
  • You can still cut your grass;  just use a higher setting on your lawn mower


Space net restrung, playground restored 

After pouring our hearts into this relocation project, we were delighted to return this new playground to Ashfield District Council and to the local families who love to play there. This project made good use of repurposed and relocated play equipment, and perfect tension was achieved along every single rope of the space net – which certainly netted us many compliments and a huge helping of appreciation.

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