New play circuit and artificial grass at Brooke Priory EYFS

We accelerated into a vibrant playground project for this wonderful Oakham primary school, where it was green for ‘go’ on tracks and tunnels. The finished school play area is a vision of parking bays, zebra crossings and a lively green, artificial grass mound complete with a tunnel. A custom-made timber traverse wall was also installed as a final flourish. 

Brooke Priory Primary School


Investing in early years 

This prestigious Oakham school reached out to us with a challenge. Could we transform their brick courtyard into an inviting role play area for children under 5? The area must be age-appropriate and themed to encourage playing, climbing and riding for years to come. This work couldn’t wait another day, and was scheduled to begin during term time, overseen by eager pupils and parents.


Bricks to brumm brumm

Our client, Brooke Priory Primary School, drove the vision of their playground, while we drew on our experience to present an array of design solutions. Our ideas included the bold figure-of-eight driving track and a tunnel dug through a grassy mound. The black and white track would contrast with a vibrant green carpet of soft, robust artificial grass. In order to offer many dimensions of play, the courtyard’s utilitarian brickwork needed a wooden traverse wall, made to measure by the Playscape team. 

  • Timber traverse walls are perfect for younger children, offering a horizontal climbing challenge 
  • Perfect for encouraging full-body movement, perseverance and focus


A triumph of tracks and tunnels

What a triumph of tracks and tunnels! We couldn’t be happier with the finished result at Brooke Priory Primary School. The children adore their stimulating outdoor space, where winding tracks and enticing tunnels meet parking bays, traffic lights and zebra crossing. With our help, this Oakham school was able to release the full potential of its courtyard, by thoroughly transforming a blank canvas into an energetic play area where imaginations (and bodies) can run wild.

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