New play area for Precious Times Nursery in Grimsby

This lovely play area went from flat and exposed to exceptional and fun-filled, all thanks to the installation of a large grassy mound and a new artificial grass surface. This significant transformation, at the Precious Times Nursery, in Grimsby, was safe and simple in essence. It came as a complete surprise to the nursery’s tots, who couldn’t wait to explore their precious little haven of green, where a new silver slide has pride of place.


Please help our empty plot

The nursery staff at Precious Times called on us when they were feeling uninspired by the prospect of transforming this unloved patch of earth. Not only was the space featureless and holey, but it had been dug up by the local wildlife and was becoming overgrown. With similar make-over projects for nurseries under our belts, we dug deep to create a design that would thoroughly switch-up this space.


New heights of landscaping

By introducing heaps of height and depth plus a vibrant green surface and new play equipment, we were able to create a plan that was tailor-made for curious and energetic tots. We presented a design to the client that focused on a giant grassy mound for children to climb up and slide down. Not only was the mound great fun it also offered the practicalities of sheltering the adjacent play area from the roadside and it acted like a permanent windbreak.


Build it and they will come

Created from a dull, wasted space came a dream come true, which the staff and children of Precious Times have taken to their hearts. Climbing and sliding has become an obsession here, all thanks to our resurrected section of scrubland. Year-round play is now a possibility due to the weather-proofed properties of the new artificial grass playground surface. Once the green grass was laid and trimmed, the playground and its majestic mound were made safe for every season.  

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