New Nursery Installation at Barnardos in Nuneaton

We jumped at the opportunity to transform this precious play area for the children’s charity Barnardo’s. With our expert help, Barnardo’s Nuneaton waved goodbye to a sad, worn surface and received a vibrant carpet of green, made to last for years of play.

Barnardos in Nuneaton Playground


Wanted! A brand-new surface for Barnardo’s 

Barnardo’s handed us their brief, knowing it presented certain challenges. They charged us with the task of fitting a robust surface around their fixed play equipment and drainage panels. This new surface had to be safe underfoot and durable – ready to handle jumps and bumps, whatever the weather – all this, while giving a fresh lease of life to a much-loved play area.


An artificial grass surface that fits like a glove

Barnardo’s wanted an artificial lawn to rejuvenate their space, so craftsmanship was key. With expert trimming and precision laying would certainly achieve the seamless look and feel the charity hoped for. We selected a playground surface material that was tough enough to shrug off the worst of the weather – come rain, shine or snow, its bright green colour would keep shining through, 365 days of the year. 

  • Artificial grass: cut and neatly laid in place by our experts 
  • A non-slip surface: tough enough to withstand year-round footfall
  • Fresh, green synthetic grass makes playgrounds feel relaxed and cheerful


Dream outdoor flooring for Barnardo’s families

Barnardo’s love their safe and low-maintenance artificial lawn, made to complement the cheerful primary colours of their play area. The lawn’s curved edges meet the existing flower beds and drainage panels seamlessly, offering a soft landing for children enjoying fun and games on the slide. This brand-new surface will stay bright and bouncy under foot, helping to bring joy to families for years to come. 

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