New artificial grass and rubber mulch playground with play circuit Our Lady of Walsingham EYFS

Messy bark chippings were bagged up and binned at this primary school in Corby, and replaced with a vibrant hybrid surface of resin-bound rubber mulch and artificial grass. Our solution certainly solved the school’s issue of mucky marks being stomped inside the classroom, and it stops little ones handling any nasties.      

Walsingham Playground


Barking mad about bark

Bark chippings had created an untidy area outside the early years’ classroom at Our Lady of Walsingham Primary School. A make-over of the space was well overdue, prompting school staff to reach out to us for help. Rather than dirt and mess, the school wanted to offer their pupils space to whizz around on their scooters, and a clean playtime environment.


Endless fun meets function

We wanted to replace the dingy bark chippings with a playground surface consisting of contrasting surfaces. We proposed a resin-bound rubber mulch surface and an artificial grass surface (with a rubber underlay). Both green in colour, but varying in texture, these two surface materials would be a stimulating sight. This surface combo is safe and compliant with BS EN 1177 playground regulations. Bringing fun to this functional surface was the next challenge, and we knew just the thing. We proposed the inclusion of a bold square driving track with parking bays and white dotted lines. Our tracks are beloved by children and adults alike because they burn off lots of energy and encourage imaginative role play games.


Goodbye grim bark chippings

The fresh and green surface, plus bold racing track, utterly transformed this space. School staff have seen the back of those bark chipping borders and there’s less dirt from the garden being carried inside. The track has become a fun focal point in the space, leading children into play with its characteristic markings and curving lines. The playground now has a robust, all-weather surface which will last for years to come.

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