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We design and install playgrounds for a range of settings including Nursery, EYFS, Keys Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Councils and we also provide Inclusive Play Equipment.

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It’s time to maximise the fun, the physical exercise and the sheer enjoyment of still being a child, in KS2 this is really the last time children will spend large amounts of time ‘playing’ in the playground. This might be one reason that so many children look back on their primary school days with such fondness, hereafter play evolves into different things, into hobbies and activities rather than sheer unbridled, ad-lib fun.

These types of playground are the ones that Playscape are asked for as projects that span Summer holidays ready for all to see on the first days back to school for a new year and a brand new playground! The big reveal which brings wide eyed joy to children’s faces and probably the teachers too.

Understandably the process is quite a bit longer with playgrounds of this magnitude but we are with you every step of the way, from the initial, no obligation, site visit to discuss your requirements, through the design stages where we show you just how brilliant it can be to the installation, opening day and beyond should you need us.

Whether your new playground project has huge scope or you just want somebody to quote for individual pieces of play equipment… 

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