Key Stage 1 Playgrounds

We design and install playgrounds for a range of settings including Nursery, EYFS, Keys Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Councils and we also provide Inclusive Play Equipment.

Fitness and fun through playtime

By the time you reach the KS1 playground layout it’s all about movement, freedom and space. Slightly older children equals slightly more energy, imagination and zest for life. We always suggest lots of safe surfacing with equipment for children to climb on, clamber across, navigate along, under or through. Ropes, trim trails, climbing frames and playground markings like hopscotch and running tracks tick all the boxes for this more physical stage of a child’s development.

As with all playground installations not everything has to be done in one go and in many cases Playscape Playgrounds are invited to resurface playgrounds and then invited back to install new and existing equipment because let’s face it sometimes the funding isn’t available all in one go.

We have handy hints and tips for funding brochure which can be downloaded FREE here.

Whether your new playground project has huge scope or you just want somebody to quote for individual pieces of play equipment…

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