Inclusive Play

Every child is entitled to rest and play and to have the chance to join in a wide range of activities

What is inclusive play?

In the context of playgrounds, inclusive or accessible play means creating an environment where children of all abilities can safely play and learn together. An inclusive play space should facilitate an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, and offer a variety of play opportunities so that every child can have fun while developing social, cognitive, motor and sensory skills.

Why is inclusive play important?

Play is so important that it is recognised by law as a human right. The UN Convention states that

Every child is entitled to rest and play and to have the chance to join in a wide range of activities.

To uphold this right, it is essential to provide access to inclusive play spaces that all children

can safely enjoy.

Unfortunately, nearly half of families with disabled children face accessibility problems with their local

playground, and 10% of them say their child has been hurt while using inaccessible play equipment.

This is why Playscape makes inclusivity and accessibility a top priority when designing or advising on

play spaces for children.

Playscape’s ethos
around inclusive play

Play is not just a leisure activity; it’s a vital component in
a child’s development.

We agree that every child should have access to a play space that is safe and fun for them. When designing a new playground, be it for a school, nursery, public park or back garden, we will take time to understand the varied needs of the children using the space and keep them at the heart of the project.

Creating inclusive outdoor play environments

A well-designed playground should enable and encourage children, of all physical and cognitive abilities, to play and learn together. We strive to design spaces that are not only accessible but also inviting and engaging for all children.

Accessible playground surfaces

First, your playground must be built on an appropriate safety surface. Surfaces that are uneven, poorly maintained or contain loose-fill materials can make it challenging for children with physical difficulties to safely use a playground, regardless of whether inclusive play equipment is present.

Rubber wetpour, bonded rubber mulch and artificial grass are examples of accessible surfaces when
properly maintained. Loose fill materials such as woodchip and gravel pose risks as they can become
uneven and are less wheelchair-friendly.

Consider entrances and exits too – if there is a border or level change between your play area and the
surrounding environment, a ramp should be provided for easy access.

Inclusive playground equipment

Designing a truly inclusive playground goes beyond installing a couple of pieces of accessible equipment. It should facilitate children of all capabilities playing together in a friendly environment, prevent isolation, and encourage all children to develop skills at their own pace.

Inclusive Play

Multi Deck & Wide Ramp Wheelchair
Roadway Tower with Panels, Slides
& Table Sand Pit

This means accommodating differences in not just physical abilities, but sensory and cognitive abilities too. Play can be physical, noisy and challenging, but equally it can be quiet and creative.

For this reason, it’s important to include diverse equipment that facilitates lots of different types of play.

A great example of this is multi-decked play frames that feature ramped access and a variety of different play panels, such as the play items to the left.

Our inclusive play equipment encourages children of all abilities to play together, by being accessible without compromising on fun and engagement. View our range of inclusive play equipment or get in touch with our team to start your inclusive playground design. 

Roundabout 0728


Steel & HPL Twin Bench and Table Roundabout with Surround Rail

Inclusive Play ST0531


Steel Inclusive Single
See Saw Rocker for 1 x Wheelchair User

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