EYFS playground install at Mercenfeld Primary School

The stars of tomorrow can boost their confidence and find their voices, thanks to a custom-made performance theatre made for dressing-up for games and shows. Alongside this headline shelter, Mercenfeld’s multifaceted playground encourages early years’ pupils to dig in the mud, climb and slide, and develop their imaginations in a role play hut..

Mercenfeld Primary School Playground


Curtains-up at the outdoor performance stage 

We were asked to turn a rundown space into something special on multiple levels. A role play den and a performance stage topped the wish-list of features we received from staff at Mercenfeld Primary, in Markfield near Coalville. Spruced-up surfaces and lots of bright and cheerful colour were needed. Also briefed into the plan were mud-filled planters and beds to nurture an interest in digging and growing.


Rubber mulch meets grass meets non-stop movement

Beyond the school’s list of non-negotiables (the role play den and performance theatre), we suggested enriching the space with some additional features and play equipment. For example, our popular underground tunnel with its gleaming silver slide, and a mini moveable trim trail. Both would offer opportunities for crawling, jumping, pushing, positioning and climbing. We rendered each of our suggested designs in 3D for the client’s consideration. 

  • A mixture of surfaces (artificial grass and soft resin-bound rubber mulch) offers a stimulating design filled with colour and texture 


Performance and planting at playtime 

All of the brand-new equipment we installed is supporting children’s individual learning interests. We have provided a safe space in which youngsters can express themselves and enjoy lots of fresh air and fun exercise. Vibrant green artificial grass surfaces and grassed mounds successfully create an inviting atmosphere, which has pops of shape and colour for extra cheer. A chunky sleeper planter and two digging beds have pride of place, connecting children to the earth and helping them to explore the themes of growth, decay and nutrition. 

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