Eaton Parish Council Community Playground

Every now and again we get the chance to really showcase how bespoke our play equipment can be, and so when Eaton Community Park Association approached us with their initial ideas to help improve their play area, we knew it was going to be special.

Eaton Parish Council Community Playground train

Eaton Community Park


Eaton Parish Council Community Playground bespoke tractor

Role play shop and other imaginative play equipment

Eaton Community Park is an existing play area with some wooden equipment already in place, but the Association had funds to really broaden the range of play on offer for younger children in the area. Ideas for a role play shop and other bespoke equipment were discussed.


Timber play equipment made in the UK

Eaton Parish Council Playground Swing

We submitted designs and renders to the Association that featured timber play equipment, designed and manufactured by us right here in the Midlands.

Our signature and extremely popular trim trail, the Mega Yeti, was an instant hit and provided the focal point of the new design.

The Mega Yeti comprises modular climbing frame and trim trail elements linked together to create a multi-route assault course with all manner of challenges.

We also created a totally bespoke role play village shop and a low level mini tractor-themed trim trail complete with wobble bridge, tunnel and balance walk. The tractor incorporates a mini tunnel, port hole and slide.

Eaton Parish Council Community Trim Trail
created by dji camera


Great community meeting place with a wealth of play equipment

The existing park has been supplemented with a wealth of play equipment that can keep many young children happily entertained. The Community Park Association was very pleased that the overall feel of the space was still in keeping with the rural setting and the materials used complemented the older equipment. It’s also a great talking point and a meeting place for parents, families and friends in this Leicestershire community.

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