EYFS Playground Equipment

We design and install playgrounds for a range of settings including Nursery, EYFS, Keys Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Councils and we also provide Inclusive Play Equipment.

Versatile and flexible playground designs

As children grow so too should the versatility of play equipment, a playground is about so much more than play.

When children play they are learning all the time, freestyle play and interaction helps to develop social skills, encourages mental dexterity and problem solving and helps children to keep fit and healthy.

There are many more reasons to invest in a versatile and flexible playground design in the EYFS stages of school which include outdoor games and provision of a space for outdoor learning, while playground markings and playground surfaces are ‘fixed’ it is also useful to be able to change the layout of your playground from time to time with movable planters, sand pits and blocks all of which Playscape Playgrounds can advise on.

If you have a small space, play can be maximised by adding traverse walls or large chalkboards to vertical surfaces, waterwalls and other play equipment can help too.

Whether your new playground project has huge scope or you just want somebody to quote for individual pieces of play equipment…

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Recent EYFS Playground Equipment Installations​

Playground Equipment by setting and type

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