Lime Academy at Abbotsmede gets complete Playscape Playground overhaul

A stimulating vibrant green space, filled with opportunities for outdoor play, was created with love at this Peterborough school. Replacing an unloved and slabbed courtyard, the new play area is now peppered with play equipment including a large timber climbing frame, a mound, tunnel and slide.


Make our space spectacular

Could we transform a spacious but sparse courtyard, at the heart of quadrant, into an inviting and all-weather play area? Catering to a wide range of interests, this area must be well-equipped – ideally offering places to climb and exercise, slide and enjoy sporty games. The school dreamt of a space that rang with laughter and activity in all seasons, so the installation of safe surfaces would be key. Beyond the courtyard, the school reached out to us with a request to help them offer outdoor exercise to the entire school community, perhaps with a running track.


For brighter break times

Such a wide and promising brief prompted us to create a design with a green theme. Our new, artificial grass and brown rubber mulch surfaces would surround a host of new features, including a climbing frame with nets, fitness equipment and a silver slide. We also wanted to include open-air table tennis and table football into the plan, using long lasting materials. Our vision sought to create a bright and vibrant atmosphere, containing a wealth of textures and offering every possible opportunity for movement and play.


Brilliant and built to last

We have helped to open a new chapter in the school’s history by transforming an old, silent courtyard into a green expanse. Now bursting with activity, the new play area has concrete table tennis tables and table football, designed and made to last for generations of play. The school was so impressed with our installation that it commissioned a new Daily Mile Track for the perimeter of its field, and added a mound and tunnel to its early years setting – much to every pupils’ delight.

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