Colourful playground surfacing and clever design for Hunsbury Park Primary School

Colourful is a really good word to sum up the successful results of this playground in Hunsbury Park Primary School, Northampton.

Primary School Playground Surfacing Design

Hunsbury Park Primary School playground


Hunsbury Park Primary: Before
Before: a blank canvas

Inspiring and engaging play area

The Early Years play area we were presented with was a blank canvas. A large space which was calling out for a cleverly designed playground which would keep children safe, engaged and inspired.


A magical and mysterious design replete with wooden seats, planters and engaging play equipment

Hunsbury park wetpour and artificial grass

As the playground was for younger children we had to incorporate lots of artificial grass and rubber wet pour surfacing. An area of yellow surfacing which surrounds a reading house, nestled against a backdrop of trees provides a focal point for the quieter side of the playground. Keeping with the educational aspect of this area, a large outdoor blackboard was installed along with wooden seating, planters, toadstool seats and a large wooden storytelling chair to provide an air of magic and mystery.

Every good playground has many aspects to it, and so from quiet corners, we head over to life in the fast lane! A blue area of wet pour with some low-level play equipment leads children through a tunnel and on to a crossing point for the play track or play road, which forms a circuit for the school’s tricycles. You will find these all parked neatly in their own marked parking spaces.

The blue track cuts through the centre of the circuit and through some timber standing poles and on to some ‘stepping stones’ perfect for encouraging jumping, skipping and balancing skills.

At the end of the magical path is a rainbow, of course. The large roof of the shelter leading back to the classroom doors is fitted with sheets of colourful perspex, that make the most of sunny days by illuminating the ground beneath in soft and colourful lights.


Imaginative design which maximises the use of space, colour and materials

Playscape were particularly pleased, as were the teachers, with this particularly imaginative and cohesive design which maximises the use of space, colour and different types of playground surfacing. Lots of natural and tactile seating in the right areas means that there are spaces to rest, reflect and nurture lasting friendships.

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