Bedford Hall Nursery Playground Installation

Safe and open-ended early years play was top of the agenda at this wonderful nursery school setting in Bedford, which received the vibrant green surface of dreams. Cushioning bumps and brightening up the entire space, our recommended upgrades definitely saved the day.


Condemn the concrete

This nursery school was feeling stuck with a frustrating fundamental problem – and the Playscape team spotted it immediately. Bedford Hall had called us in for help with their concrete surfaces: wall-to-wall hard and uneven concrete slab flooring, which presented horrible trip hazards for toddlers. The existing space was much-loved but had become cluttered and grey, which didn’t inspire running, playing and joy.


Fresh surface, fresh starts

Without taking a breath, we recommended that Bedford Hall Nursery install a soft surface of EPDM rubber wet pour. This classic playground surface would help to boost the youngsters’ opportunities for play, while also helping the nursery workers feel more comfortable and confident taking toddling children outdoors into the fresh air. By consigning the inappropriate concrete slabs to the past, our client could move into the future with confidence. Trip hazards must be cleared, as a matter of urgency, before any of the extensive resurfacing work could take place. This robust flooring design would create a little green haven, where games could be played outdoors with a new sense of freedom.


Green is for ‘go play’ little ones

Our vibrant replacement surface has proved to be priceless, and our client is over the moon. We completely renovated this special early years play area, using a classic playground material in the most cheerful of colours. A long-lasting EPDM rubber wet pour has created a playground that is safe and spongy underfoot. The lush green tone we recommended for use in this space has energised and refreshed the facility for all to enjoy, whatever the weather.

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